Change Begins Together

Zora Pauliniová a kol.

How to create and Strengthen a Community

Zora Pauliniová et al.

Language: English; No. of pages: 36; Published: 1st edition, 2018

STIAHNUŤ You can download the book for free. 

Our book is for all people who believe that the world around us can change to a better one and that this can be done from the bottom with minor or bigger steps and in cooperation with others. It is for those who believe that it is possible to start from your yard and your street, from the bench you put in place, or from common activity you will organize. Instead of traditional local associations we will focuse more on informal initiatives that often arise quickly and spontaneously and come with the need to change the social and physical space around them. It appears that there is more and more of them and that they carry a great potential if they overcome the "childhood" difficulties.

If you want to work with the community and do not know how, or you're doing something and you just need to advise, this book is just for you. We wrote it with the aim to help you when starting and realizing different activites. You can find important information and inspiration here - and if you are looking for help and feel that you are not alone, you are in the right place.