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We have supported active people in Ukraine who are trying to change their surroundings and implement small and larger activities aimed at changing people's lives in communities. As part of the training, we have provided them with skills in conflict mapping and conflict resolution, as well as better co-operation with self-government, the involvement of people in their neighborhood, and networking through Internet tools. We have tried to transfer the Slovak experience of building genuine democratic self-government, community initiatives, civic participation at the local level, human rights protection, as well as conflict resolution and coping with development problems in the regions and communities. We were able to involve IDPs, people from different cities with various acute problems, civic and business actors, as well as self-government people.

Project duration 2015-2016.


Project activities:

1. Training for 36 participants: Watch a video from a series of trainings. 

2. Supporting local initiatives registered at the portal Dobrodel. Examples of supported projects:
- "Gardening movement" - to decorate the surroundings of its dwellings, to help the city voluntarily by spreading green and planted areas;
- "Green Stage" - a summer multimedia festival organized by volunteers with the support of local entrepreneurs;
- Creative workshops for the integration of displaced people into the majority community;
- Educational activities in city libraries.

More about the importance of community development in building local democracy in the article:
Painted benches, assisting displaced persons, self-government and national identity. What did Ukrainian civil society received after Majdan?

3. A study trip to Slovakia, during which the 20 most active participants visited self-governments and civic associations in Slovakia. More in the article Civic activists from Ukraine are looking for inspiration in Slovakia or "Good idea Slovakia".

4. Conference of Community Initiatives, where more than 100 participants from all over Ukraine exchanged experience in community development, conflict resolution and local democracy development. Video from the conference:



Partner in Ukraine AHALAR and donor SlovakAid.

AHALAR   Partner projektu Ukrajina


  • Zuza Fialová

    Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager

    tel.: +421 918 689 882 
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    CV: Fialova_Zuza_CV_ENG.pdf


    What she works on in PDCS:

    Examples of training courses

    • Introduction to international development and humanitarian assistance
    • Conflict in context of international development
    • Communication, presentation, media

    Examples of services

    • Evaluation of projects

    Examples of projects


    Consultant in international development, human rights, democratic transformation, and conflict management , she has been working for variety of international organizations (OCSE, NATO), national human rights and advocacy organizations (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland, Via Iuris in Slovakia), education institutions (Trnava University, University of St. Elisabeth Bratislava) and government bodies. Her professional carrier as a lecturer, consultant, researcher, or field worker started in 1992. Her list of professional publications contains more than 40 positions. Her book Human Rights Monitoring published in Poland has been translated into 5 languages, including Azerbaijani. She has been working in more than 20 countries of Europe and Asia.

    She earned her MA from sociology at the Commenius University in Bratislava (1995). PhD. studies were accomplished in Warsaw – Institute of Political studies (1999).

    As for her teaching experience, she created customized education courses for human rights NGOs, public officials, students at the universities or colleges in several countries. Currently she works on projects related to community development and democratic participation in Ukraine. She is also active in teaching in several faculties of Slovak universities.