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Dušan Ondrušek

Dušan Ondrušek

Chairman of the Board, Trainer, Consultant

tel.: +421 2 5292 5016 

e-mail: dusan@pdcs.sk
CV: Ondrusek_CV_ENG.pdf


What he works on in PDCS:

Examples of training courses

  • Another look at communication - how to avoid myths and communicate without prejudices
  • Creativity and innovation in projects and managemet
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution

Examples of services

  • Medication of public conflicts
  • Consultancy and coaching
  • Designing and conducting meetings

Examples of projects

  • Student Simulations Saturday
  • Long-term education of consultants for the nonprofit sector in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Increasing capacities of teachers from the Mathare slum in Nairobi (Kenya)


In 1991, while still at the Comenius University, he launched the program of conflict prevention and resolution which later transformed into the PDCS nonprofit organization which he led and developed for the next more than 20 years. PDCS makes effort to cultivate the space for dialogue, disseminate knowledge and build skills for alternative conflict resolution, particularly in community and public conflicts.

A psychologist by profession, he worked as an advisor and therapist for people who needed help in difficult life circumstances or felt they needed to develop on their life journey. He conducted research of altruism and effectiveness of various training methods. Since 1990, as a trainer and consultant, he has been focusing primarily on organization development, alternative ways of conflict resolution, international development issues and non-violent communication. He has rich international experience with implementing programs of conflict prevention and resolution. As a trainer and facilitator he has delivered over 1200 training courses in forty countries. In 2012 he became the Chairman of the Board of PDCS. In addition to providing specialized training courses, he no works more on international programs, development of process-oriented experts (trainers and consultants) and undertakes analytical and publishing activities. As an external speaker he has lectured at several universities - in recent years mostly at the Comenius University, the University of Economics in Bratislava, UUD in Pilsen, and VŠUP in Prague, and previously also at the European Peace University in Schleining and the Donau University in Krems.

He is the author and co-author of 11 books and many papers published in Slovakia and abroad, including the publication "Čítanka pre neziskové organizácie“, "Tréning? Tréning", "Konflikt, zmierovanie, zmierovacie rady", "Komunikácia v terénnej sociálnej práci" and "Peacework". From his travels, he regularly publishes "traveler's notes" on how conflicts are being transferred in various countries and what happens when different cultures meet - e.g. in books "S tekvicou priviazanou o nohu" or "Sop-sum-sum".